Nurhanim. Photography

     Nurhanim... Yup thats me. The one and only. No copy indeed. I'm 22yrs old Malaysian and taking degree in Optometry. Photography is my passion. Burst out in 2010 when I realized that I'm a loner. Hehe.. nope. I never be one. I realized I love photography when I'm in matriculation college. That day, Im a cloud lover. Still am. Everyday every evening I will stare the sky and put the scene in my only Samsung Corby. Ya, cheezy isn't. Alhamdulillah, now I have my own DSLR. Basic one, but InsyaAllah I'll used it properly and inspires peoples with what I can do with all I have. 
   Alhamdulillah day by day, Allah sent me  people who taught, inspires and motivates me. Thanks a lot. With experiences I learn.
Any comment to improvise my skill are mostly welcome. But don't be harsh on me. I quiet sensitive. Hehe...
No.. I'm okay with it.
   I hope that my photos will inspires peoples out there. Thank you.

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